The most reliable and safe type of fencing for home and garden. Presentable appearance, long service life, firmness, easy maintenance and a wide range of solutions.



The stone facade is strong and durable. Differs in high resistance to weather conditions and good heat-shielding properties.

Options for finishing facades using all types of stones and various masonry are distinguished by a wide variety, which makes it possible to make each building unique.


Fireplace and chimneys

Brick chimneys have good resistance to fire and thermal deformation. The chimney and fireplace are the lungs of your home. Masonry brick, modular flue system. Renovation of old flues.


General construction work

External: facade works and masonry, roof installation, soil and landscape works, paving, concrete and foundation works.

Internal: tiling, plastering, puttying, painting, insulation, dismantling and installing structures.


Facade cleaning

Works to remove stains and efflorescence (white plaque on brickwork) from the facades of buildings and structures. The formation of such deposits is due to the peculiarities of our climatic zone and environmental pollution. Restoration of old facades.



Bearing and auxiliary structures made of wood. Cladding of internal or external walls and flooring. A versatile material that helps to keep the heat inside.


Plastering and painting works

We offer all types of plastering and painting works of any complexity: all sorts of puttying and plastering works, painting with all types of paint, sticking any kind of wallpaper.


Bathroom renovation

We repair all areas where may be water.
The renovation is not limited to the bathroom and sauna. We renovate all wet rooms, from washrooms to toilets and utility rooms.

Snow removal

Clearing the area from snow. For cleaning, special snow removal equipment is used.


Goods transportation and special equipment

Peugeot Boxer van (high and long), JCB 4 CX tractor, one-axle two-meter trailer.


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